Noona’S Diary ^o^

{July 18, 2009}   What I really want~~

Happy birthday me~~

Te-he. Today mark the beginning of my 24th year on Earth… So, here come my wishlists~ (however unrealistic some of them :p)

1. Changmin’s love :3
2. I really, really like Changmin. So, a chance to tell him that I like him
3. New handphone – got this already, thank you papa 🙂
4. Airfare ticket to Korea or Japan
5. Ticket to TVXQ Concert
6. Graduate scholarship or any useful information regarding the scholarship
7. TVXQ birthday present for me, as in Korean release version of Stand by You on 16th July
8. TVXQ Album ‘Secret Code’ – taken by Puput ❤
9. I’m running out of face powder, so… the face powder from Etude House that I saw in Kelapa Gading look nice…. 🙂

More to come…. 😀


{July 12, 2009}   Experience in a Bite Size

Anybody home? Te-he I guess no. This blog has been neglected for awhile by the three noonas… but worry not, I’m back with a ‘single’ (after all this time I only have one  ^^;) story to tell.

So, earlier today I went to the 3rd TVXQindo(TI) gathering at Vertigo in Plaza Semanggi. The entrance ticket was 15 grand for non member, not to expensive as it only equal to my car fuel expense from home to office back to home…. for a week XD. Anyway, the place was packed by cassiopeian in red ocean dress code. From the young one to few mother and even father of TI member. I remember one lady won an auction for a shirt from the concert in Bangkok and when asked for her nickname in TI forum, she just said : ‘I’m the mother of XXX’ ^^;

There’s  stand that sold lot of stuff, from shoes, shirts, notes, key chain, phone strap, necklace (similar to the one the TVXQ member wore, poster, CDs, even badges. Not only TVXQ stuff was sold there, you can find Super Junior, Shinee, Girls Generation, even H.O.T!! I didn’t buy any, though… however I was thinking to get something for bulbul & puput, but the though was dismissed as the dance show start :p (sowry~~)

Great dance performance! Most dancers are girls, but their dance is good. They dance quite a number from TVXQ Mirotic, O, Purple Line, even Baloons to Super Junior’s Sorry, Sorry and It’s you dance steps. They danced some other number, but pardon my limited knowledge in music industry >.<

Oh, and of course there are male dancer and some fan boy did attend the gathering. One even look like Eeteuk in my opinion… I think that must be because of the glasses XD … or maybe because the lighting?

After the performance there’s a break to announce the winner of the lucky draw, the winner got key chain and poster but they postponed the announcement of the grand prize on purpose. After another performance and talent show, there is a video playing on the back to show everyone a brief history of TI as it turned out that today was the last day for the 3 administrator of the forum. For regeneration, after 4 years of founding,  handling the forum as well as moderating it, they will resign from their post. It was a touching moment as they shed tears when reminiscing the moments they spent for the forum.

They really worked hard until now, nobody is perfect but they have done their best. They talked how they love the member and how they seriously try to bring TVXQ to Indonesia. After that, as a parting gift, we all sing TVXQ’s Don’t Say Goodbye for them. Kudos for the admin~ and good luck on the new admin~~

And then after that the winner of the grand prize from the lucky draw was announced! The winner got A Week Holiday photobook. >.< I so want that…

So the gathering came to close and we can all exchange our ticket for a goodie bag before going home (inside there’s free magazine, tabloid, sticker, fan and tumbler). oh, and I’m so late to realized that they put an exhibiton of TVXQ memorabilia, and guess what? Remember Junsu’s My Page where he wore a cap while water showered from above? It happens one of the admin caught the cap when he perform in Bangkok!! O.O

{April 15, 2009}   bulbul’s mumbling~

Hai! it’s me again..after so many weeks~

well, as usual, I manage to write this at the end of my station. well, not quite the end ~ right now, I’m waiting for my doctor, but I think he won’t test me this night… -_-”

It’s soooo frustating!!!! stressfull atmosphere we got here…… and the 4 of us here start to have so many weird thoughts….

“hey,how about this patient?”

“um…do he had DM?”

“of course, didn’t you see his ulcus decubitus?”

*ulcus decubitus: some sort of wound appears because of long time hospitalisation; appear the most in DM patient*

“yup! you can’t miss it don’t you? it’s really huge, he has been in hospital for at least 1 month…and all he do is sleep…I wonder how a person can sleep soo long”

“sleeping beauty did….errrr….I wonder if she had ulcus decubitus too….” O-o

” hahahaha…I think so… but, I’m wondering about her prince…she sleep for 100 years, than a prince come to rescue her…either the prince didn’t get old or he is 100 years younger than the princess…”

” you wanna say that she loves ‘daun muda’ ??”


the conclusion of the conversation? being a noona is not a new trend??? hahahahahaha!!! =p

{March 14, 2009}   8ight.. Sorry Sorry~~

hihihihi finally!!! after i’ve waited so long~~ well not really hahahahaha.. but still.. it’s good to have 13 boys back in the stage hahahahahahahaha *well not 13 actually but who cares??? as long donghae is there >o<* hahahahahaha..

also.. it happens the title is Sorry Sorry.. and here i want to say sorry too~~ since i think we’ve been neglecting this blog ;p hahahahahahahahahaha *jojo and especially bulbul.. where’re our commitment???* hahahahahahaha..

and to pay for that.. let me show you some good performance ^o^ hahahahaha *that’s actually my real intention*

enjoy the shows and hope you like it!! ^o^

for me.. Sorry Sorry is OK but not like what i’ve expected but nevertheless.. still happy ^o^ hoohohohohoho.. but i prefer Why I Like You more~~~

credit goes to whoever upload the vids in Youtube.. thank you so much ^o^

and of course.. Super Junior for making this great comeback

It’s been awhile since someone post on this blog… I guess everyone just got busy with their daily routine? Hope you’re all well, then.

By the way, this my first time trying to post a video in the blog. The reason why, of course because the content of the video, it’s the MV ‘Like Being Hit by a Bullet’ by Baek Ji Young. The truth is that I first listened to the song for awhile back then, but it didn’t occur to me that the song held so endearing story… mainly because I don’t understand Korean ^^;

Only last Saturday I found the MV with the English Subtitle, and I really love it… Here’s the video…

The simple narration in the beginning and the end really suit the mood of the song. Her voice sounds desperate in the beginning, held a bitterness of being lonely and then rise a pitch like someone crying out their pain of being separated… Not to mention about the movie itself. It encompassed the sadness really well.

If you ever felt hurt because of a bad break up or simply felt sad on separation… you should understand the song well.


Credits to the uploader, translator and mostly to the artist respectively 

{February 11, 2009}   Hai hai!!!

Hi, bulbul here!
It’s first time I wrote on this blog…(sorry puput….jojo…) my station in assylum is almost over so I have some spare time now….
Anyway, last sunday, I went to Cap Go Meh festival in PRJ. Its full of red lampion, liong and barongsai but….guess what. ..Somewhere between all chinese ornament, I saw dbsk’s poster!!! My lil sis so freakin out when she saw it. It’s not a new posters of them, but still, korean artist in chinese festival? A lil bit shocking…. suddenly, an old woman (at least older than my mom!)ask me
“ you also like them?”
“WAAA…do you like jaejoong?”

“why don’t you buy this posters? For you its only 40! This posters originally from korea!”
…..*still shock*

“its true! I buy them myself in dbsk’s 2nd asia tour!”
“eh?? You come to their concert?”
“of course! I’ve been there….backpackering with my friends…..I kinda left my kids and husband in Indonesia, but I really want to saw them with my own eyes!!! I think I will go to korea again next time they held their concert ….do you want to come with me?” O_o
*****I WANT TO!!! BUT I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY!!!!!!!!****

But of course I answered with diplomatic answer :
“well…..I dont think I can, after all, I have work to do”
“well, don’t go to work too often…you need rest sometime….and its really cheap, just 10.000.000!”
DOENG!!!! its cheap?? Maybe for you!!! After all its her husband money *who left in Indonesia*

“If you change your mind, just call me in here…” *give me a card*
“you had your own store? What store is this??”
“I sold posters, pin, t shirt…any thing about korean and japanese artist….I open my store after I saw ‘O’ MV….why dont you come sometimes? You can meet my friends, they also love dbsk! Well, a bunch of crazy mom like me of course, but still, they all crazy about dbsk…” O_o
Open a store just because a MV?? Wow…. at first I thought its crazy enough to make a blog of dbsk/shinee..but, open a store? Well, we are sooooooo normal…. =p

“any way, whom do you like in dbsk?”
“u-know” “mickey” “junsu”
“waaa…..I love junsu too….he’s sooo handsome! You know,Sometimes my husband jealous because of him…”
Of course lah~~~ he give her money to go to korea, watch their concert, and even opened store…and he have to listen his wife crazy about other guy? I dont think so….

Kesimpulannya : harus cari suami kaya biar bisa ke korea??? hahahahahhahahahaha!! =p

{February 8, 2009}   Six.. Gee!!!

OK.. since no one updated this blog.. so i decided to do myself ;p hahahahahahahaha..

it seems we’re all kinda busy lately and since i have free time today i’m goin to write some hahahahaha.. yeah gee~~ it’s been a long tired week for me.. ever since i came back from my holiday, i worked like crazy O.o

and i broke my record for stayin late at lab.. yippie!!!! errr~~~ should not be so happy but still.. kinda proud ;p hahahahahahahahaha.. don’t know why but it’s just happened ^.@ hehehehehe..

and today.. i use my free time to update all the blog i have.. also updated my song ;p recently i’ve been addicted to Bolero but today~~ yeah.. have to admit~~ Gee caught my attention.. together with Molla-ing ^o^ hahahahahahaha.. both are nice song and very catchy..

while listening to the songs~~ i can somehow feel much better and forget my problems.. for now.. even though the lyric were not related with any of my problems ;p hahahahahahahahahaha..

and now~~ i’ve began to curious~~

jojo!!! bulbul!! when you guys will upload post??????!!!!

cih.. puput upset~~~

{January 16, 2009}   Five.. Lovely Day???

hmmm.. they said in my hometown now it’s raining everyday~~ well.. in here.. where i live now.. HOT!!!

today is really freakin hot and here i am.. all alone.. got nothing to do.. so i decided to post in here hahahaha.. i hope 5pm will come soon ^^; hihihihihihi.. i’m already totally bored.. don’t know what to do since everyone is leaving and i have finished my job..

now~~ just looking at the computer.. try to find something interesting.. feel the warm sunlight touch my skin ;p

by the way~~ i’ve just read jojo’s blog *yeah girl!! finally she made it!! shall we clap???* hahahahaha.. as she mentioned before.. she planned to post one short story everyday for 10 days.. and I have to say.. her short stories are “heavy”.. means i have to think hard to understand what she’s trying to say hahahaha.. yah poor me for my lack of english and writing talent~~

still.. that’s a good stories you have jo ^o^ keep it up hahahaha.. don’t stop on the 10th day hahahaha.. waiting for your other stories.. but pliz.. give some translation will u?? hahahahahaha.. and i think it’s a good and right decision for you to choose creative writing.. it suits you really well!! can’t think of anyone who can be creative more than you.. in term of writing.. especially in XXX writing *ups* hahahahahahahahaha..

and for you Ms Bulbul~~ WTH is your post???!!!

Puput is waiting~~

Well, actually the title doesn’t suit much to the story I’m about to write. First, it’s not about a friend of mine… try one of my lecturer back in college. Two, he never lost to me, I still had his cell number and I knew all along that he is in my friend’s friends list at Facebook, but it took me months before I added him as a Friend and another months before I decided to say ‘hello’ on the chat box (although I knew altogether that he was online in certain number of times.)

So, today I took the time to look at his info, profile, and moreover the notes he has been taking for quite some time. And scrolling through his notes, I realized that he had lots in common with myself… No, that would be an understatement of him, but there bits of common interest between us.  Truth to be told, I shouldn’t be surprised about that. He is my lecturer in Scientific Writing. And while on his class, my friends always told me that I was the one who can ‘connected’ to his teaching and ideas.  While others took 3 to 4 trial on write a passage to his liking, I did it in one try (and got an A for that ^^).

I found his blog…   -  –  there you go. Do read if you had some time to spare. His blog entry, mostly about his fascination of language, literature, ideas, you name it. No wonder he sounded enthusiastic when I told him I’m planning to take Creative Writing as my Graduate Study. (now I feel a bit, just a bit, less confident after I read his writing…. such excellence writing….)

The funny thing that I haven’t mention about him… I don’t actually missed him as a person… more like I missed his ideas… his thought.

That’s why, to commemorate this reunion (overrated…I know) I decided to write a simple story each day for the 10 days. Not on this blog, perhaps… but please look for them somewhere else.

{January 11, 2009}   BogoShipta~~~

hmmm don’t know if i write it right or not ahahahahaha.. maybe jojo can help me to correct it ;p hahahaha..


ehehehehehe.. just want to write something in this blog since i kinda neglect this blog >.< gomen~~ ehehehehehehe.. too much focus on my own ;p hahahaha..

well~~ recently.. kinda lose my spirit ^.* why?? becoz… NO DONGMIN!! hiks hiks.. now that super junior kinda busy in china and shinee busy in taiwan and hongkong… so.. no more variety shows for them in a while.. uuuuuu.. that’s why i miss them *.* donghae~~~ taemin~~~ uuuuuu….

well just hope they work their best and i can see them again on funny shows hahahahahaha…

and about the ramen jojo mentioned before~~ where the hell they get the recipe anyway?? can’t try too.. ramen is too expensive in here hahahahahahahaha..

anyone have another simple recipe.. i might want to try since i already run out of idea of what to cook ^^;;

ya ya ya.. today is puput’s mumbling day ;p

et cetera